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Is it me ? What am I doing wrong ...

We are getting some great submissions to Balisage 2016 symposium though all from men and none from women.

So for those of the smarter sex I will eschew expiating and provide a list to cajole, convince if not amuse:

  • No, you will not be the only female in attendence, after all the Balisage conference was founded and chaired by the one and only B. Tommie Usdin.

  • You may see (and participate if you like) in some geeky games of Werewolf but Balisage is a completely friendly and safe place for all the 'villagers'.

  • Speakers are humans not TV personalities or rockstars…​ as it states on the Balisage website 'The people making Balisage include markup theoreticians and practitioners, data modelers, designers, architects, and both aficionados and deep thinkers. We work as software developers, system architects, academics, integrators, librarians, data miners, lexicographers, integrators, archivists, document managers, standards developers, programmers, and publishers.' If this sounds familiar then you should consider making a submission.

  • Often the hardest step can be deciding on which idea to write about - personally I start with writing bullet lists - feel free to drop me an informal email at and I will provide quick feedback.

So what is stopping you?


  • 22 April 2016 — Paper submissions due

  • 21 May 2016 — Speakers notified

  • 8 July 2016 — Final papers due

  • 1 August 2016 — XML In, Web Out: International Symposium on sub rosa XML

  • 2–5 August 2016 — Balisage: The Markup Conference

If you have any submission ideas, questions or advice for me feel free to email me at , would love to hear from you.

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